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What is CARES? What is the CARES Crisis Line?

The CARES Crisis Line does three main things.

  1. CARES is an around-the-clock mental health crisis line for Illinois residents

Our agents answer calls at any time from anyone seeking immediate services for someone in crisis. If you are in crisis, there is no wrong time to call CARES.

  1. CARES can help you find care close to home

Our agents will quickly evaluate your needs and be able to tell you about services and other help in your area. We are not a chat line, but our agents will be happy to connect you to one!

  1. CARES can send a mobile crisis team to make sure you are ok

Our agents follow strict guidelines to decide and issue eligibility for crisis services. We are the central intake hub for Illinois’ Mobile Crisis Response (MCR) program and its Screening, Assessment and Support Services (SASS) program.

Who can call CARES?

Anyone can call the CARES Crisis line.

If you or a person you care about is having a mental health crisis, please call us now at 1-800-345-9049. For TTY, dial 711.

You can call CARES to help a child or an adult.

You can call CARES to get help for yourself or someone else.

What to expect during a call to the CARES crisis line

When you call CARES, we’ll need some information about the person in crisis in order to send help to their location. Read more about what will happen during and after your call.

What other resources are available when I’m not in crisis?

CARES can direct you to other non-crisis resources if you or someone you know is looking for community support that does not need immediate assistance. Click below for other helpful links.